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Tradition and Values

Young Dragons Martial Arts, LLC
10462 W. Atlantic Blvd, Coral Springs, Fl. 33071

Winners at KICK-USA in Viera, Fl.

We are a firm believer that Martial Arts must maintain its tradition. Respect and discipline has to be the main characteristics of a martial artist. In many ways, tradition could be said to be the formula that actually encapsulates and defines the culture of a society or people. The martial arts have undergone through a great deal of changes over the recent decades. They have evolved from the way it was used to practice, to the way we participate in combats. One fact that should never change is the discipline and the respect for the art and for the instructor handling the class. 

Change, as we already know, is a natural and integral part of the growth process. However, in recent years a lot more changes have occurred in the world of martial arts and some of these have not been for very worthwhile or valid reasons at all.